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29 Best Free Apps for Students in 2024

best free apps for students in 2024

With a student, comes a lot of stress and overwhelming responsibilities, and with digital devices these days, it has become even more difficult to stay focused and reach success academically. But the same smartphone that seems to distract you, can be transformed into a secret weapon for academic excellence.

This can be made possible with the help of these 29 best free apps for students, available for both Android and iOS. From complete academic organization to managing personal social events, making flashcards and mindmaps to learning languages, getting courses from universities to increasing productivity with timers. There’s a whole lot in store for you. Jump right in!

1. Quizlet - Make Flashcards

Quizlet- an app for making flashcards

Simply re-reading notes is a passive way to learn but to boost your academic year, quizlet has made it easy for you to create flashcards and learn with the method of active recall. Ditch old-school cards and make your life easy with Quizlet.

  • Create your study sets with customizable flashcards and organize them subject-wise to not to hassle at the last moment.

  • Get sets of pre-created flashcards according to your selected course

  • Its shuffle feature makes studying more exciting.

  • You can take a test with the flashcards you make and choose different question types to check how much you’ve learned.

  • With Quizlet Plus, you get expert solutions, can create quizzes and tests and you can track your progress.

2. Khan Academy - Get Educational Courses

Khan Academy- an app for educational courses

Curious about the world? or Want to go in-depth into your studies? Well, Khan Academy has got you covered with over 4000 courses on every subject from math, science, computing, and humanities to life skills, music, and space. Khan Academy offers-

  • Video lessons with detailed explanations and practice exercises, and quizzes to check your progress.

  • Personalized learning dashboard to view your learning progress

  • It also helps you to prepare for different tests like CSAT.

3. Duolingo - For Language Learning

Duolingo- an app for learning new languages

Are you a language lover and want to explore different cultures and nations through the languages they speak? Duolingo does the same for you and offers over 40 languages to choose from with its gamified and flashcard-type learning.

  • It focuses on vocabulary, writing, listening and speaking.

  • It starts with the basic learning of each letter and then gradually moves towards words and sentences.

  • This learning platform has an interesting way to keep you going. You receive feedbacks and earn points. You are kept responsible with a daily streak, of which you are reminded every day by the little ‘Duo’.

4. Evernote - For Note Taking

Evernote- an app for taking notes

Type in any idea that pops into your mind or create and organize your notes efficiently with Evernote. Its following features make it the best:

  • Organize your notes into different labeled notebooks and keep them arranged for easy access.

  • You can type or handwrite notes, capture images, add documents, record audio, and clip web pages for later reference and also annotate them.

  • You can search your notes easily with a single keyword or add tags to sort them out.

  • It automatically syncs your notes across all devices.

  • With the paid version you can view your notes offline everywhere, manage tasks with Google Calendar, customize your dashboard with widgets and background, annotate PDFs, and save emails.

5. TED - Educational Entertainment

TED- an app for educational entertainment

This expansive library of knowledge offers talks of experts in their respective fields with over 3,500 TED talks with something for everyone to feed their curiosity. You’ll be never out of content with TED.

  • It has videos with subtitles in over 100 languages.

  • Podcasts to listen to while working.

  • Save content and download to view offline. Bookmark videos for later watch.

  • Search with the filters of languages, topics, and duration to tailor specifically to your interests.

  • ‘Surprise me’ feature lets the app choose a video for you when you are confused.

6. Grammarly - Check your Writings

Grammarly- an app for our grammar

Need to write eye-catchy essays or need someone to proofread your writing? Well, Grammarly’s got your back. It is your all time writing assistant. No more need to burn your eyes to check every single error. It checks:

  • Grammar

  • Punctuation

  • Spelling

  • Style of Writing

  • Detects Tone Grammarly's keyboard app is a personal assistant that checks your email and posts before sending them out. Grammarly premium offers:

  • Plagiarism Checker

  • Formatting Suggestions

  • Citation Suggestions

  • Synonyms Finder

  • Enhances writing with rephrasing sentences

7. Photomath - Maths Solver

Photomath- an app for solving math

Stuck with complicated and challenging math problems? Then, this is the only solution you need. Scan your math problems and know the step-by-step solution, which formulas to use, and where you went wrong. It has:

  • Animated tutorials

  • Explanations with different applications, graphs, and tables

  • Scientific Calculator

8. Google Drive - Storing Space

Google Drive- an app for storing space

Life’s made easy with your digital school bag. Store your files, sheets, documents, slides etc. online to access anytime, anywhere. Gotta read some definitions while on your way to the exam hall? With its sync feature, view your file in seconds, uploaded frm your laptop.

  • Fast and easy collaboration with your classmates for projects and group assignments

  • Store in different file types - PDFs, Google docs, sheets, slides, Microsoft files and a lot more

  • Work offline, too

9. Notion - The Ultimate Planner

Notion- an app for ultimate planning

Notion is a whole customizable life-organizing platform. It is the most versatile app that can be used to manage your finances, hobbies, books, health, studies, and a whole lot. It helps to organize your notes or data easily. 

  • You can view a single database in many views - a table, board, timeline, calendar, gallery, and list view.

  • Integrate text, images, files and also embed music in your workspace

  • Click a topic and open a whole new page to write your notes or manage it your way.

  • Sync across all devices to work seamlessly anywhere

  • Collaborate with your classmates to work on a single project

10. MyStudyLife - Online Planner

MyStudyLife- an online planner

Finding it difficult to find balance between your academic and social life? Don’t worry. This planner will keep you on track and ahead of your life. Schedule your classes, exams, and semester along with social events and be reminded of your tasks before deadlines. 

  • Organize tasks according to tags

  • It reminds you of an upcoming exam, classes, or tasks that are due or next right on your dashboard so you focus on your priority

  • It’s calendar view keeps you accountable

  • It also tells how much percent you have completed your tasks and fuel your motivation to reach 100%

  • Sync across all devices

11. Mint - Budget Tracker

Mint- an app for budget tracking

Don’t be overwhelmed with the task to manage finances along with your stressful studies. Mint is here to save you from being broke this year. It’s following features makes it the perfect financing app:

  • Receive an alert when about to overspend

  • Keep track of all your accounts in one place

  • Create custom budgets and reach your goals

  • Monitor your subscriptions

  • Personalized Insights

  • Track your money spending

12. Oxford Dictionary - Work Your Way Through English

Oxford Dictionary- an app for your English

This app in itself in enormous because it has the 15 biggest Oxford Dictionaries and English thesaurus all in one application. Perfect for students learning foreign languages to navigate through life with everyday words in use. It also includes:

  • Audio Pronounciations 

  • Auto Correction

  • Voice and Camera Search

  • Expand your vocabulary with word of the day

  • Save your favourite definitions

With premium, you can download content for offline use and get unlimited synonyms and antonyms.

13. GoConqr - Mind Maps and Flashcards

GoConqr- an app for making mind maps and flashcards

GoConqr is a social learning platform to help learners and educators to engage in learning content. It includes:

  • Flashcards -  Learn with images to learn faster and efficiently.

           Upload text from a spreadsheet and make multiple cards.

  You can even take out a hard copy.

          Share flashcards with your class groups on GoConqr.

  • Mind Maps - Create mind maps while playing with fonts, colors, visuals.

          Attach snippets to fill with important points or news.

          Visually connect the dots between different concepts

  • Notes - Embed videos, links, images, mind maps, quizzes, and learning   

   resources in your notes for better understanding.

  • Courses - Create your own courses to keep your learning sequential.

  • Quizzes - Make your own quizzes with different question types like fill in 

    the blanks, multiple choice, and true or false while adding images.

    Include explanations as to why the answers are right or wrong.

    Be on the right track with quizzes as a review strategy. 

  • Slides - Gather all your learning material by adding images, videos, links, 

  mind maps, quizzes, flashcards, flowcharts, and notes.

  Create visually appealing slides with pre-designed templates.

  Present it in front of the class or share with your group.

  • Flowcharts - Visualize your thoughts and create charts and diagrams.

          Embed flowcharts in your notes.

14. Merriam Webseter - Improve your Vocabulary

Merriam Webseter- an app for improving vocabulary

Merriam Webster is America’s most popular dictionary. It lets you build and expand your vocabulary either you are new to the language or aim to improve at it. It’s got you covered with some of its features like:

  • Audio Pronunciations

  • Voice Search

  • Play different word games to check your vocabulary

  • Find quick definitions and thesaurus

  • Word of the day to extend your vocabulary horizon

  • Save your favorites

  • Synonyms and Antonyms 

  • Example sentences

  • History of the word

15. myHomework - Planner

myHomework- an app for planning

This digital student planner lets you track your assignments, projects, classes, and tests with ease. With this app, You have control over your academic life and will never miss a deadline again.

  • Receive due date reminders

  • Add classes, events, and holidays in calendar view

  • Categorise assignments and projects by class, type and priority

  • Have widgets on your home screen to be reminded of your upcoming homework

  • Sync across all devices

  • Join your teacher’s classes and be informed of announcements

16. SimpleMind - Mind Maps

SimpleMind- an app for making mind maps

Organize your thoughts or summarise your chapters with aesthetic mind maps. Its user-friendly interface gives you a kickstart into your mind-mapping journey. It also includes:

  • 15+ style sheets to start from

  • Different layout modes

  • Add topics and organize through topics

  • With free form layout start your creativity anywhere on the blank canvas

  • Or need an already sculpted workspace then use auto layout

17. SoloLearn - Learn to Code

SoloLearn- an app for learning to code

With the constant need to stay on track with technology as the world moves forward, it’s really important to have a good hand at any technical skill which often starts with learning how to code. But with studying, it might seem a little harder than that. That’s when SoloLearn comes in.

  • It has over 25 courses to choose from

  • New content posted daily

  • Start as a beginner or an expert

  • Learn in a gamified way

  • Answer some questions and get recommendations for courses

  • Have discussions with over 40 million students

       With SoloLearn Pro, have personalized practice and goal stats.

18. Anki - Flashcards

Anki- an app for making flashcards

Anki is a flashcard app that uses spaced repetition to enhance your quality of learning. It uses your time efficiently by incorporating it into the study material that you’re less familiar with. It has many great features such as:

  • Use pre-made cards or make your own flashcards

  • Add images, and audios and play with text to escalate your learning experience

  • Organize your flashcards in decks for easy access

  • Card Scheduler - It sorts the cards for you according to those you answered or not, those you answered fast or slow, and priorities the ones you need to work on more.

  • See the results at the end of every session

  • You can view your progress in the statistics section with graphs to see how much you have learned

19. RefME - Referencing Made Easy

RefME- an app for reference

Writing citations can be a boring and tiresome task. But RefME has made it easy for you to do so. Easily write citations of a book, website, journal, newspaper and get through the time-consuming work in seconds. 

  • Copy or paste URLs or scan book barcodes with RefMe’s easy interface to get the citations

  • Easily find your research papers with RefMe’s thousands of resources without scrolling through Google for your research

  • It formats your citations in MLA, Harvard, Chicago, RSC, and lots more

20. Daylio - Mood Tracker

Daylio- an app for tracking mood

It’s really easy to get stressed and overwhelmed amidst your academic and social life but it is really important to take care of your mental well-being. And you can do so with the help of Daylio. It offers you the following features:

  • Track your daily activities through emojis like and see how different aspects of your life affects your mood

  • Create goals, challenge yourself and track your progress

  • See your mood chart and mood count to see the frequency of different types of emotions you feel

  • Watch your entries in a calendar view

  • Create your personal mood palette by choosing different emojis and color sets

  • Get reminded of your important dates

  • Watch your achievements as you grow

  • See your average daily mood

  • Lock your dairy to keep your emotions private

21. Coursera - Courses

Coursera- an app for taking courses

Not only you can gain information on different subjects with Coursera, but you can also take a whole degree online

  • Wide range of topics to choose from 

  • Suggested learning path based on your job role interests

  • Access to courses at top universities like Yale University, and Princeton

  • The courses are fully packed with video instructions, assignments, group discussions, and projects 

  • You might have to pay for some courses but mostly they are free

  • Get a certificate and earn your degree

22. Todoist - To-do List

Todoist- an app for making to-do list

Todoist keeps you clear on your tasks and helps students never turn in a assignment late. It offers the following features:

  • Break tasks into sub-tasks

  • Sort with different labels and filters

  • Prioritize tasks with tags

  • Collaborate with friends

  • Set deadlines

      With the pro version, schedule reminders to be reminded of unfinished tasks

23. Forest - Productivity

Forest- an app for productivity

Forest apps use the Pomodoro technique with a gamified approach to keep you consistent with your study sessions and motivated to keep going. It does so with the following features:

  • When you start your study session, you plant a virtual plant that withers when you use your phone

  • Later you can see the virtual garden you made with each study session

24. Google Calendar - Planner

Google Calender- an app for planning

Google Calendar is the ultimate time management app that is more useful than just seeing a festival or a date. Its following features make it convenient to make a schedule:

  • Different calendars for different aspects of your life

  • Schedule and color code tasks and classes

  • Set reminders of any upcoming event

  • Collaborate with your friends or classmates

25. Office Lens - Scanner

ffice Lens- an app for scanning

This Microsoft app lets you take a picture of:

  • Whiteboards

  • Documents

  • Receipts

  • Business Cards

  • Tables

  • Handwritten Notes

 And then turn them into editable digital files that can be saved, shared, and synced across all devices. It also includes:

  • Read the text aloud from your text

  • Easy access to files by searching keywords

  • Sync your notes with PowerPoint, one note, and Word.

26. EasyBib - Citation Generator

EasyBib- an app for generating citation

Don’t get tangled up in writing citations. With EasyBib, you can scan a book’s barcode and get last minute citations for your project without any hassle. You can also choose a citation style and sit back while EasyBib does the work for you.

27. Lumosity - Brain Training App

Lumosity- an app for training brain

It’s really important to keep your brain trained well to excel in academics. It practices your abilities like memory, attention, flexibility, problem-solving, speed, math, and languages.

  • It takes a fit test with cognitive games to calculate your baseline

  • Get a tailored training program according to your scores

  • See where you stand compared to people around your age

28. Brainscape -Flashcards

Brainscape- an app for making flashcards

Use brainscape’s easy-to-use flashcard technology with its following features:

  • Thousands of pre-made cards to practice with

  • Make your own custom cards

  • Track your progress

  • Maintain a day streak and be motivated to study daily

  • Bookmark your selected flashcards

  • Read articles made by Brainscape on different topics

29. Wikipedia - Information Hub

Wikipedia- a hub of information

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia enclosing vast stretch of topics in over 300 languages. Do in-depth research for your assignments and projects and explore broader areas of subjects with this app. It also includes:

  • Detailed articles on varied topics

  • Reading lists of articles and blogs

  • Customized feed with your interests

With the Wikipedia app, dive deeper into the newest articles, fresh news, and pool of knowledge.


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